Advert for Trustees

Advert for Trustees

The Trustees of Canterbury Steiner School warmly invite applications for the position of Trustee.

The Trustees of the school are a friendly but professional volunteer group who meet regularly to discuss and consider the school’s welfare. We deal with most matters including staffing, budgets and financial, regulatory and legal issues.

The School’s current constitution requires the Board to be constituted by a mix of parents, teachers and external members. It also provides for a regular replacement and renewal of its membership with a typical tenure lasting 2 years.

We have several members who have reached the end of their tenure and will be leaving at the next AGM.

The Board believes that new Board members will be best placed to perform their roles if they understand how the Board works before they formally join. To that end the Trustees intend to appoint several new members to shadow the existing Board for 6 months. The new members will then be able to ‘hit the ground running’ when they take their seat.
The Trustees are keenly looking for people who can offer:

    •  Assured confidentiality.
    • Experience and common sense views and opinions on a range of topics.
    • A willingness to embrace our ethos and work within its parameters. A knowledge of or connection with Steiner Waldorf education is not necessary, we value an independent perspective.
    • A desire and willingness to champion Canterbury Steiner School and act as ambassador.
    • A willingness to attend school functions.
    • To represent the Trustees in a designated role. This means giving your expertise in a specific area of school life such as Communications, Staffing, Finance, Health & Safety, HR, Management etc.

The Trustees generally meet on the first Monday of each month and at other times by arrangement.

We are aware that it is good practice that the experience of trustees should ideally cover the following areas:

a) providing effective strategic leadership, and working as a team;

b) direct knowledge of schools, education and children, and of the needs and aspirations of children, teachers, parents, whether gained through life or work experience;

c) governance, general finance, business and management;

d) human resources and diversity;

e) education, school governance and working with children; and

f) other specific knowledge, such as, property, health & safety or legal.

A single trustee will not have this full range of experience. We are interested in what experience you have and what contribution you believe you could make.

We suggest you also refer to the document “The Essential Trustee: What you need to know”, which is published by the Charity Commission. This document can be downloaded here. 

If you have the professional expertise or experience that could help the school meet the challenges it faces in the coming years and you would like to be considered for the position of Trustee please send your CV and a covering letter to:

We may ask you to attend an informal interview with the Chair and other Trustees. At this meeting you will also be able to find out more about our hopes and aspirations for the school.

The closing date for applications is 14th July 2017