Class 11 Trip – Climbing Snowdon for ORBIS in 2017!

Class 11 Trip – Climbing Snowdon for ORBIS!

This year, after our examinations, we will be going on a Class 11 trip to Snowdonia in North Wales.

On the school trip we will be doing many amazing things such as going down some of the biggest zip-wires in the world, staying in camping pods and also as a class, we will be climbing Mount Snowdon.

As a class we have done a lot of fundraising, however with our extremely busy exam schedule this year, we just couldn’t fit in anymore fundraising… or so we thought!

When we were told we were going to be climbing Snowdon as part of the trip, I thought it would be a perfect time to raise money for a particular charity that is very close to my heart, Orbis.

Orbis is an International, non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to saving sight worldwide.  One of the aspects of Orbis is their flying eye hospital which enables people in remote and medically underfunded areas of the world access to sight saving operations.

A common eye problem that Orbis help to resolve is cataracts.  This is the clouding of the lens which leads to a decrease in vision.  I was diagnosed with cataracts when I was 12 and my sister was also diagnosed with cataracts when she was 8.  Luckily we were both able to be treated and had the cataract removed.  If we had been living in a remote area or part of the world without sufficient medical care our lives would be extremely different.

This is why I think we should climb Snowdon and raise money for Orbis – what they do every day can and does change lives.  We would massively appreciate your support in this matter!!

Please hand your donations into the School Office…..

Thank you! 

Tilly Digby-Baker on behalf of Class 11