Class 7-8 Trip to France

Class Trip to France

Class 7-8 extended their half term break to include a week in the south of France at a water sports activity centre. There they experienced the various challenges of catamaran and pico sailing, surfing and windsurfing, kayaking and Canadian canoeing all packed into a busy week.

These same five days saw the class climb the highest and most spectacular sand dune in Europe, excel at initiative games on the campsite, witness the arrival of a large storm across the Bay of Biscay and tackle a most challenging high ropes course. With plenty of time to chat amongst themselves and practise their ice-cream ordering in French, plus the opportunity to sample frog’s legs, snails and mussels, the class gained a real taste of France during their full week. They returned to school after their experiences, brimming with shared memories and confidence in their newly developed skills.


Just received this from Pip Woods, Managing Director of Rockley Watersports: Anthea Chapman recently brought a group of your pupils on a watersports trip to our Le Lac Mimizan centre and I would like to pass the appreciation of all if our staff that thoroughly enjoyed teaching them. The group were well-mannered, enthusiastic, friendly and a credit to your school and we would be delighted to welcome a group back in the future.