A Creative Workshop – Sacred Poetry and the Gift of your Voice

A creative workshop with Ashley Ramsden from 24th – 26th March 2017

Ashley Ramsden is the founding Director of the School of Storytelling, the longest established centre of it’s kind in the United Kingdom, touring all over the world sharing his unique methods of teaching voice.

Ramsden believes ‘Poetry is a language that can transcend storytelling, creating by its music and rhythm a direct route to the heart. Learn a poem by heart and it will stay with you as a friend, a lover, even your wisest advisor’.

The workshop will explore the art of speaking poetry as a living practice. What is it in a poem that speaks to you, that touches you so deeply you return to it again and again? If we can slow down enough, with calm attention we can find an alignment of breath, voice and presence that will allow us to both confidently embody, and selflessly serve what we want to speak. Opportunities to use the gift of your voice and listen in this way are rare. Together we will experience exercises that can take us to this place.

Please bring a favourite poem of your choice that you know by heart, or are in the process of learning to speak freely, as part of our work. Rumi, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Wendy Cope, Hafiz, T.S.Eliot, Emily Dickenson, Lalla….or whatever poem speaks to your voice.

Further Information:

Taking place at Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JX.

Registration at Emerson College on Friday 5-6pm followed by supper at 6.15pm.

Opening session: Friday 7.30-9-30pm

Saturday 9am-5pm

Closing session: Sunday from 9-12.30pm

Course Fee: £175 payable to Ashley Ramsden. Please contact Ashley hodjah@hotmail.com for transfer details of a £50 deposit.

All meals  will be at Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH185JX , UK.

Please click here to book your place: Emerson booking page

For further information about AShley Ramsden and Storytelling, please visit his website here.