As Featured In The Green Parent

As Featured In The Green Parent

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As part of our new marketing journey, we are very excited to share our latest feature with you – a full-page spread in The Green Parent.

Every parent wants the best education for their child, but what does that actually mean today?

The principles of Canterbury Steiner School do not change to suit whatever education policy is currently in favour. They are proud to be one of over 1800 Steiner Schools worldwide with an internationally recognised curriculum that enables children to be both secure and healthily challenged. Their students develop into self-confident and well-rounded individuals, ready to face life’s challenges and to achieve success in whatever path they take.



This education offers a rich experience for children aged 3 to 17, from Kindergarten, through the Lower School to Upper School. Teaching at each level takes account of the ways in which a young person’s understanding and personality matures over time.
Canterbury Steiner School provides a rich spectrum of subjects with none being taught in isolation. The pupils’ imagination as well as their social and practical skills are developed and challenged as they explore what they learn through artistic and practical means interwoven with academic methods. As recent advances in learning theory suggests, this holistic approach results in children being more engaged and generates a deeper level of understanding.



At Canterbury Steiner School, they celebrate personal strengths and differences and foster an atmosphere where pupils develop respect for each other and can discover – and realise – their own full potential. It is no accident that Steiner pupils are regarded as articulate, adaptable thinkers and problem solvers. As they grow and change (and they will!) they will follow a curriculum designed to nurture their natural curiosity and promote a lifelong love of learning. Not only will they form convictions, they will articulate them and carry them into the world, too. As young adults, the older pupils have a depth of knowledge, a keen intellectual curiosity and something equally valuable: a solid understanding of themselves and their place in the world that will equip them for life.


Founded in 1976, Canterbury Steiner School has a strong ethos. A huge emphasis is placed on caring, creativity, and critical thinking both in the school and the community. This provides an alternative to the current emphasis on testing and tick-box knowledge at the expense of real understanding.