A Herby Soap Making Workshop For Adults & Over 16s

A Herby Soap Making Workshop

A Herby Soap Making Workshop for adults & over 16’s

When: Sunday 2nd July 10.30am – 3.30pm

Where: At The St Michael Steiner School, Hanworth Park, Feltham, TW13 6PN

Cost: £50 (concessions available)

About the course:

Sarah Houghton is an Upper School Science teacher at The St Michael Steiner School. She has been teaching in Upper School for nearly 5 years now. She grew up on a farm and she has lived off-grid on a herbal healing garden in Devon for three years, she also worked in the throes of research at UCL. She loves herbs and using them in her science teaching. She is a mum of 2 girls.

Alexci Swann is a trained herbalist, who graduated from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 2004. Her thesis was on ‘The energetics of Anemone pulsatilla and what this can bring to herbal medicine’. She lives near Stroud where she is also a mum of two children. Both Alexci and Sarah have a passion for herbs and spend a lot of time drinking herbal teas, talking about herbs, growing them and making lovely lotions and potions.

We would like to invite you to join us for this soap making session where we hope to bring you closer to herbs and how you can enjoy them more. Come share and bring your knowledge on this workshop. Plant oils will be used. Animal oils may be investigated. This will be outside workshop. Plentiful amounts of herbal sunshine tea will be available.

Bring lunch to share together, homemade bread and home grown salad will be provided.

All proceeds after material and travel expenses will go directly to The St Michael Steiner School.

This is a school fundraiser. Booking required please email sarahhoughton@stmichaelsteiner.hounslow.sch.uk or call 07870898175 for more information and to book your place. Tickets available here