Index Magazine Feature

Index Magazine Feature


Index Magazine is a monthly ‘all round good read’ with features covering health, food, property, education and more, covering Kent, Surrey and Sussex. We are very excited to share our school proudly featured on the front cover of the very first Index edition of the year, as well as an interesting article about our school and our education.




This education offers a rich experience for children aged 3 to 17, from Kindergarten, through the Lower School to Upper School. Teaching at each level takes account of the ways in which a young person’s understanding and personality matures over time.


Canterbury Steiner School provides a rich spectrum of subjects with none being taught in isolation. The pupils’ imagination as well as their social and practical skills are developed and challenged as they explore what they learn through artistic and practical means interwoven with academic methods. As recent advances in learning theory suggests, this holistic approach results in children being more engaged and generates a deeper level of understanding.


Read the full article here.

Complete with the new branding and logo, the front cover is really eye-catching – don’t you think? If you haven’t picked up a copy already, there are several available in reception. Please like it and share it!