Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities in the field of medical and social therapy and anthroposophic medicine.

Kairos Rehabilitation Trust is part of an NHS community pain management clinic in Greenwich, South East London.  We provide medical and social rehabilitation for patients for whom conventional treatments have either not been effective or are not expected to be so. We combine anthroposophic medicine and therapies (Rhythmical Massage & Eurythmy Therapy) with social therapeutic activities. We also support patients in securing financial benefits as well as to return to work.

The Kairos Model was shortlisted for the BMJ 2017 (Innovation Section) Awards. It is considered innovative because it successfully addresses two difficult healthcare problems: multi-morbidity and patient dependence.  Outcomes, shortly to be published the Journal of Pain Management (Nova Science, NY) demonstrate statistically significant improvement in pain, quality of life & depression and substantial reductions in prescribing costs and health service use.

Kairos’ medical & therapy running costs are now funded by Greenwich NHS. Plans to develop social therapies and a social enterprise in keeping with patients needs will be funded by the charity. Current premises are being upgraded to manage an expected rise in patient numbers from 40 to 100 within the next year. The local health service provider is keen to help us roll out the model; it seems there is a window of opportunity to engage anthroposophic medicine more widely.

New colleagues are required to lead and further the work, cater for increasing clinical demands, fundraise and help lift Kairos to a next level of development. We aim to offer at least one post as a fulltime post. Depending on forth coming interest this can be with focus in either the medical or the social therapeutic field. We aim to fill the posts within the next 6-12 months.

We would like to hear from colleagues from the field of therapy & medicine and with experience of social therapy & social enterprise as well as GPs with an interest in pain management or long term conditions who may be interested to join or to develop the model themselves.

Enquiries to Ingrid Hermansen and David McGavin
00 44 7712810108