Kindness Day & National Children’s Day

Kindness Day and National Children’s Day – 12th May 2017

As part of our ongoing Safeguarding Development work and in conjunction with National Children’s Day, we at Canterbury Steiner School decided this year to raise awareness about Anti-Bullying and Online Safety through Kindness Day!  Each Class was invited to engage with the question of how we relate to each other healthily in the world and online through a range of age appropriate discussions, games, information videos and creative activities.  Both pupils and staff found the day fruitful and everybody felt they learned something new.  While we believe that kindness sits at the heart of our curriculum and in the way we expect children to relate to each other, we feel that actively raising awareness about kindness enables children to identify bullying behaviour and helps them to feel more comfortable sharing their concerns with the adults around them.  Kindness is never a wasted quality!

“…a time must come in earthly evolution when it will be impossible for one individual to enjoy things on the Earth at the expense of another…”  Rudolph Steiner – Man’s Life on Earth and in the Spiritual Worlds


Here are some examples of the fantastic work from our classes;