Summer Term Update

Summer Term Update

With the last few weeks of the Summer term there comes a great flurry of events, round about the turning point of Midsummer. Last week witnessed celebrations one after another and this week we have waved goodbye to two classes going on exciting trips and next week it will be the turn of Class 11, off to Snowdonia for the week.

Last Thursday, the Children’s Festival began in sunshine but in the midst of Class Five’s presentation of poetry and song, great rumbles of thunder and then a downpour took us hurrying to the school theatre where, professionals that they are, the children continued with not a pause!

On Friday the school celebrated midsummer with a St John’s Day fire. Dressed in fiery shades of yell ow, orange, red and pink, everyone assembled at midday on the grass behind the Eurythmy building to sing together and put their wishes for the future on the fire before it was lit by the two Class 11 pupils, Iona Barker and Jacob Greshoff, who have been at this school since kindergarten. After singing together and the teachers singing a Mozart round, the pupils enjoyed their lunch sitting round the embers of the blaze.

With Saturday came the Parents’ Festival, which was moved inside the school theatre at the last minute. The blazing heat of the previous days had given way to cool, windy weather and when spots of rain began, we decided caution should prevail. The festival was full of vigorous and lively performances and was followed by delicious cream teas and games for the children in the back garden of the Oast house. A wonderful time was had by all!

A warm thank you to all the parents and teachers who helped in the preparations for all these events,

Best wishes

Tessa Carias