The Importance of Early Years Education

The importance of Early Years Education is becoming a frequently discussed topic – ‘Our humanity depends on healthy early years education’ according to Alliance Eliant.

Alliance Eliant are a Europe-wide platform for anthroposophical initiatives, engaging in social, cultural and political discussions of the EU, as well as perspectives of Steiner / Waldorf education.

They are currently running a campaign to uphold the diginity of children, with a petition to say No to digitalised child care;

Dear Friends of ELIANT,

Many people find it hard to believe that politicians concerned with education – not only those representing the interests of IT companies – are actively campaigning to provide every child attending pre-school day care facilities with access to an ipad. It is sadly however all too true. Little children are to be integrated within the digital world even though harm is caused not only in terms of neurological damage, but also by restricting the process of creative imitation without which neither body nor soul can develop in a healthy way.

Our campaign is needed to uphold the dignity of the child. During the first years of life children learn three of the most important cultural human attributes, namely walking upright, learning to speak and learning to think for themselves. They form the prerequisite to be able to think and say “I am I” from a certain day on.

We ask you therefore to please support our petition No to digitalised child care – YES to constructive investments in education and make it more widely known. The campaign runs until 15th May 2017. By then we hope to have at least 100,000 signatures. This strong backing from civil society will then enable us to launch regional education campaigns in many countries, hold press conferences and arrange panel discussions, conferences and lectures.

ELIANT plans to hold a major event on this subject in Brussels on 28th November 2017. Such activities need your help if they are to attain the required impact. Your financial support is also warmly acknowledged for without it our activity would be severely limited.

Human dignity and our humanity are core elements of our cultural heritage – they too need protection and a voice.

Warm greetings on behalf of the ELIANT-Team

Michaela Glöckler

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