Upper School Parent Initiative

Upper School Parent Initiative

The Upper School Parent Initiative provides an opportunity for children in Kent to follow the Steiner Waldorf curriculum through the upper school classes of 9 to 11.

The group has been established by parents whose children benefited from a Steiner education at Canterbury Steiner School up to Class 8, and who are determined to see them continue their learning within the Steiner ethos. The parent-led initiative will start in September with classes held at Canterbury Steiner School. Although run entirely separately from the main school, the pupils will enjoy the benefits of the location and skilled Steiner teachers.

The curriculum will offer a mixture of GCSE courses and the Waldorf programme for 13 to 17-year-olds.

It is the aim of this parent-led initiative to keep the Upper School ideal alive in Kent until it can be reintegrated into the future Canterbury Steiner Upper School.

For further information and expressions of interest, please contact:
Frances Coupe

Lucie Patch